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I believe I’m in quite a pickle


I made PICKLES!!!


Here is the recipe I followed…

And here are my pictures!

just some boring ol cucumbers…

spices in and one jar packed with chunks of cucumbers just waiting for the pickling to begin!

both jars filled (yes, I only made two…I want to make sure the recipe turns out for me before I go make a whole mess of ’em!

filled with the brine! Which consists of vinegar, vinegar, and more vinegar…the fumes of which went straight up my nose…also water and pickling salt (which I’m pretty sure is NOT up my nose)

lids on….

and in the bath they go!

all done! Pop! Pop! Is there a better sound in the world than your jar lids popping after you take them out of the water?! I’ll answer that for you, No! There is no better sound!

Now all I have to do is wait a few weeks….wait….WHAT?!?! Weeks? How am I supposed to wait that long to munch on these nummy looking homemade pickles?!

I have no will power.


Remember yesterday when I said I wasn’t going to have time to make anything? Well scratch that!

I’m makin’ pickles!

Stay tuned…

do the dew

I spent the rest of yesterday irritated at the layout and some issues on this page, so if you’ve been here before you may notice some differences. I have no idea how long it will take me to get annoyed at the stuff I changed, so it might get changed right back, which would make this moot, so never mind…

I decided to post the link and picture to the recipe for the Mt Dew jelly since these kids are running me ragged and I probably won’t have time to write out any of my recipes and take pictures for the next few days, so here ya’ go!

Mt Dew Jelly!

(I told you it was real)

And here’s their picture, which came out a lot better than mine! (be prepared for a lot of that here)



And here’s a picture of my kid who is about to be 4, when he was the age that my daughter is now…just for kicks…



So chill.

imagine that

Somehow I got both kids to take a nap at the same time today, so I had a few minutes to take some pretty crappy pictures!  It’s been overcast all day today and I tried to wait it out, but the weather hasn’t gotten any better.  

So I figured what the hey (hay?), I’ll take them anyway! (no rhymes were harmed in the making of this blog)

Right!  Straight to the pictures then!


Mmmmm….pickled jalapenos…. Good grief I hope they turn out better than that last batch!!!



Mt Dew jelly!  Stop….stop laughing….I swear it’s good!!  Well, it’s good as a novelty!  Just try it!  It’s super easy!



Look!  A bad picture of peach jam!  Score!



And a fuzzy picture of jalapeno jelly!  But seriously, y’all…this picture does not do justice to the beautiful green that this turned out to be!  It’s also about a thousand times better than the store bought kind, which is not bad!  So just imagine how good this stuff is!!  On a side note, WEAR GLOVES WHILE CUTTING UP THIS MANY PEPPERS!  MY FINGERS BURNED FOR DAAAAYS!!!  Ouch.



And last, but certainly not least, my lone surviving jar of last year’s Apple Butter!  Man this stuff is addictive!  My son LOVES it on sandwiches and the hubby and I have to try and control ourselves and not eat it straight out of the jar!!  I’ll definitely be making more of this and posting my recipe and instructions later this year.  This makes PERFECT Christmas presents, especially coupled with homemade cinnamon rolls!

Anyone else hungry now?