I spent the rest of yesterday irritated at the layout and some issues on this page, so if you’ve been here before you may notice some differences. I have no idea how long it will take me to get annoyed at the stuff I changed, so it might get changed right back, which would make this moot, so never mind…

I decided to post the link and picture to the recipe for the Mt Dew jelly since these kids are running me ragged and I probably won’t have time to write out any of my recipes and take pictures for the next few days, so here ya’ go!

Mt Dew Jelly!

(I told you it was real)

And here’s their picture, which came out a lot better than mine! (be prepared for a lot of that here)



And here’s a picture of my kid who is about to be 4, when he was the age that my daughter is now…just for kicks…



So chill.